Building a Privacy Mindset

When an organization is new to privacy, staff often fear the privacy team, falsely believing that the privacy team's job is to say, "NO" to every initiative.

A well built privacy program, supported by appropriate training, can yield multiple efficiencies. The job of the privacy team is to say, "Yes you can, and here's how".

To accomplish this, privacy training has to be rooted in the reality of each organization. Examples must be relevant, and the training must be based on policies that are appropriate for the organization and the target learners.

John Wunderlich has taught privacy in multiple contexts including Fortune 500 companies, small health information facilities, for professional certification for IT staff, and has lectured at the University of Toronto and the University of Guelph.

John can build and implement training curricula for all staff, for IT staff, for executives, and for stakeholders. All will benefit from a common understanding of the privacy mission, and from agreeing on what the privacy goals of the organization are.

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