Breach Response

If you just had a privacy breach and need emergency help, please contact me immediately.

Breach Preparedness

There are two kinds of privacy programs: those that have experienced privacy breaches, and those that haven't experienced privacy breaches yet. Actually, it's more likely that the second category should be called organizations that have had privacy breaches, but aren't aware of it yet. Mistakes happen and no process is perfect. If you deal with volumes of information you probably have had a privacy breach.

Some questions that need to be answered are:


  • Are you confident that your staff can identify a privacy breach?
  • Are you confident that your staff will escalate a privacy concern promptly?


  • Do you have an incident response or breach management plan?
  • Do you have an awareness & training program?


  • Are you confident that your systems can identify breaches when they happen?
  • Do your systems log the appropriate events?

Once you understand that privacy breaches are an operational reality to be managed, rather than a crisis to panic about, building appropriate safeguards, alerts, training, and documentation becomes a much more straightforward proposition - and one that John Wunderlich & Associates can help you with.

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